One Year following the September 11th attacks, First Call UPLinks went to Shanksville, Pennsylvania to do a live shot for "Town Hall Meeting with Tom Brokaw." This shot was part of a Sept. 11th one-year anniversary special.

Pictured, are family members of the victims of Flight 93.

From left to right, top: Patrick Welsh (his wife, Deborah, was lead flight attendant), Sandy Dahl (her husband, Jason, was the Pilot), Alice Hoglan (her son, Mark Bingham, rushed the highjackers)

From left to right, bottom: Elsa Strong (her sister, Linda Gronlund, was a passenger), Phil Bradshaw (his wife, Sandy, was a flight attendant)

Also pictured below is Natalie Morales from MSNBC with Sandy Dahl, wife of Jason Dahl, pilot for flight 93.
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