Satellite Uplink Trucks

First Call UPLinks
Truck III based in Columbus, Ohio

First Call UPLinks Truck III Equipment
•Dual Path / phase combined-digital / analog KU band system fully redundant
•2.4 meter AVL antenna, 4-port feed with no restrictions
•2 MCL MT450 watt amplifiers
•2 Miteq U-9696-3 upconverters
•Harris VSG-401 Test Generator
•Harris/Videotek VTM 4100 Series Test Monitor
•2 AJA FS1 Frame Sync/Cross convertors
•2 Adtec EN-81 MPEG 2/4 HD/SD QPSK/8PSK Encoders
•2 Adtec RD-60 MPEG 2/4 HD/SD QPSK/8PSK IRDs
•1 Tandberg RX 1290 Digital MEP 2/4 HD/SD QPSK/8PSK IRD
•1 Tiernan TE60 MPEG 2 Encoder
•1 Maxtron TG-5120 portable Test Generator
•DirecTV H-20 receiver/auto aim dish
•Gefen DVI-HDSI Scaler
•Harris Predator II multiviewer feeding Samsung 36" HD monitor
•Harris FR-6822 HD/SD SDI router

First Call UPLinks Production and Editing Services
•Panasonic AJ-HD1200A HD DVCPro Digital Recorder/Player
•Panasonic AJ-HPM100 P2HD Recorder/Plaer
•2 Pair Telecast Fiber Transmitter/Receiver
•1 Pair AJA Fido Fiber Transmitter/Receiver
•2 Studio Technologies IFB Plus Integrators w/4 IFB Belt Packs
•2 Telo The Link RTS Integrators
•2 RTS MCE 325 Intercom Systemsw w/4 BP 325 Belt Packs and Single Muff Headsets
•1 Coles Lip Mic



First Call UPLinks Support Services
Available upon request (additional cost)

•Experienced News/Sports Crews with complete field gear
•Lighting Packages: HMI &Tungsten
•Wireless IFBs
•10x10 Easy Pop- up Tent, Director's Chairs, Viewing Monitor and AV Cart

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